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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pura Gunung Raung (Mount Raung Temple)

Gunung Raung Temple is located between Banjar Taro Kaja and Kelod. This temple became the border of both these Banjar. Taro Village is located in District Tegalalang Gianyar, the generally Pura in Bali Kuna lies in the village in the upstream and downstream villages. Raung Temple Mount is located in the downstream or Teben of Taro Kaja Banjar and the upstream or Luwan Pura Banjar Taro Kaja.The built of this temple have a relation with the history of Dang Hyang Resi Markandya holy journey from East Java to Bali.

In Bali Lontar Tatwa wrote Resi Markandya trip from East Java to Bali. Initially Resi Markandya Damalung boarding in East Java. He held a sacred journey (Tirtha Yatra) towards the east and he arrived at Mount Hyang.Ditempat, he did not get where idial, Resi Markandya continued journey to eastward again. On the way to the east that he found a place on Mt roar this is most of East Java he built hostel for some time. In Dormitory Mount Raung Resi Markandya do Samadi. in his samadi he get a hint for him to travel to the island of Bali. Hint Unseen belau perform. On a good day he made a trip to Bali in 8000 followed by the follower. Until somewhere with his bushy forest camping and building agriculture area.But whatever reason most of his followers got the plague and died. 4000 followers live just.Resi Markandya please return to East Java instructions on Sang Hyang Pati.After troops through Samadi Resi Markandya get a hint that is not givean an offerings to ask permission forest. After that Resi Markandya back to Bali and continue to Mount Agung or also called Carve King. Rsi Markandya followed again by the accompanist, called Wong Age. Up on Mount Agung, he held a ceremony to plant a Panca Datu in the Pura Besakih is Basukian now.Afterwards He build agricultural land carefully to develop agricultural agraris.Development life continue to be done by the party to Mount Resi Markandya Bees. up to the Village Village Puakan.Di this arrangement he entered into the life of farmers such as land distribution dllnya. That village called Village Puakan continue .. There he also held the opening of the agricultural area until at Village sarwa Ada.Setelah all followers get agricultural areas to develop an agrarian life and he built a similar Pasraman on Mt roar back Resi Timur.Setelah Java Markandya get some sage Marandya kesulitan.Untuk it back to Java and hold Samadi. In Samadi that he received instructions to do Samadi on Pasraman him in Bali. After returning to Bali and then he entered Samadi was Resi Markandya see there is light somewhere. Flame that was derived from a tree that lights up. In a burning tree that's Resi Markandya founded the Temple Mount roar now. Because it comes from a tree that lights up the place was eventually named the village of Taro which comes from the word meaning Taru tree.Pura and Pasramanya made similar to the one in Mt roar. That's why Pasraman with the Pura given the name Temple Mount roar in the village of Taro now. In the village of Taro is a white cow reputedly descendants Nandini.Sampai th 1974 Ox-white cow offspring that still have some white-tailed saja.Cow very sacred by residents of the Village Taro.Dang Hyang is seroang Resi Markandya which adopts Waisnawa.Tetapi with a cow white it can be concluded that the Resi Markandya also highly respected presence Siwaistis understand that it is a sect of Hinduism.Sampradaya or sect that is the association of non-formal education to explore the teachings of Hinduism which is a religion that is open to anyone saja.Masing respective Sampradya does have its own trademark as Ista Dewata is selected and the system or method of deepening kerokhanian.But Adikari basically all the same ie Vedic scriptures. Swami Manurut Siwananda spiritual Hinduism prepare dishes to each according degan hidupnya.Karena developments that there is no contradiction in diversity sampradaya system in the Hindu religion.

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